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Delete Car Data and Protect User Privacy with PRIVACY4CARS © App & Software Development Kit (SDK)

Privacy4Cars is the first and only mobile process designed to help erase Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from modern vehicles.

The app is available as a free download on iOS and Android devices. It enables consumers and businesses to quickly and efficiently delete personal data retained by modern vehicle infotainment systems.

Download the free mobile app:

why do you need PRIVACY4CARS©?


Used vehicles are changing owners, with prior users’ electronic information (phone logs, navigation history, address books, garage codes, etc.) remaining in the vehicle.


Resetting the vehicle’s systems to factory settings and wiping the personal data from the vehicle is a time consuming manual effort. The process varies greatly across vehicles of different makes, model, year, and trim.


We have developed the largest and fastest growing database of step-by-step visual instructions and a patent-pending process that greatly streamlines and logs the deletion of Personally Identifiable Information to provide simple compliance and protection.


Advanced Features

Advanced Phones

Scan VIN or search by year, make, model

Get instructions right on your mobile

Stand-alone app or integrate in your existing app

Simple step-by-step instructions

Skip hundreds of pages of user manual

Rapidly and reliably erases all your personal information.


Fleets, Car Rental, Car Sharing, Vehicle Subscription, and Peer-To-Peer Companies

Help renters and subscribers who pair their phones erase their personal information upon returning the vehicle, so your personnel doesn’t have to!

Auctions, Repossession, Inspections, Repairers, and Other Auto Service Providers

Generate revenue by licensing the Privacy4Cars app and reselling the wiping service to your customers. Early deletion of PII minimizes the risk of data theft.

Vehicle Finance, Insurance, and Telematics companies

Build a compliance record and protect your customers from identity theft, fraud, and larceny.

Vehicle OEMs, Dealerships, and Wholesalers

Make privacy part of your service and value proposition. Clear user data from trades, lease-end vehicles, loaners and courtesy cars, CPOs, and wholesale units.


Consider offering Privacy4Cars as a perk to your employees - especially if they have a company car. Protect their personal and your business data.


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    The app has a nice feel and came up with the info I was looking for.

    I entered VIN manually, and it worked as expected.

    This is so easy to use, I didn’t have to spend hours searching the web! Thank you so much for a great app!

    Such a great application to secure my valuable data and ease my mind.

    Works great and very simple to use!